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In a world where interior comfort and the enjoyment of one’s surroundings have become even more essential, I strive to offer my clients in Luxembourg and Germany a style of interior design that resembles them, that brings them warmth and tranquillity and that is adapted to the contemporary world in which we live.

Each client is unique and the project must correspond to his needs, his desires, his family structure and his history.
Between the preliminary project, the development and the execution of the decoration project, there are often many necessary and exciting phases to achieve the expected interior design result.

Today, we live in a world of excessive consumption and I am particularly interested in the use of products that are produced in an ecological and sustainable way.

That is why I am gathering in a separate section the brands I work with in Luxembourg and behind which are teams that have joined their production efforts to achieve the goal of protecting our beautiful planet by choosing recycled materials while offering utility and a beautiful image.

In my showroom in Nittel D-54453 in Germany, which is located on the border of Luxembourg, I will advise you on your project, you will discover the different brands I offer, touch the materials, discover the colours, the wallpapers, let yourself be seduced by an atmosphere, a vision for your interior.

Here I share my experience, my vision and my ambition.

I let you discover!


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Let's talk about your project

Interior design

To decorate, decorator, decoration, means to make beautiful, to enhance, to improve the existing, what one sees and feels according to a theme, a style, ideas, a life story.

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personal colour advice

What advice do you need?

You need colour advice for your interior, you have doubts about a harmony, you want to adapt your interior to a new paint job, you want to rearrange the atmosphere in your workroom?

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Interior design individual project

It all starts with a desire for change, for improvement, a particular need that haunts you to decorate and give a new identity to your home.

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office design project

Oditaquid et, ut escit officilla quo volorro to excestorem fugit pereicime et verum ipsa necto quia dit litatis id utecus et omnis abor rehendae. Ma sequibus moluptassum.

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managing of the site construction

After the planning phase of the interior design project and acceptance by the client, comes the construction phase, its organisation and realisation.

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design studies and pre-construction advice

A tailor-made construction for you!

Building a house is a huge project, but have you thought of everything? Architects draw up plans, but you need to customise them to your needs. It’s best to get advice before you build.

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Farrow & Ball

One of Vanina Henry’s flagship brands that she has been representing and advising for over 12 years between Paris, Germany and Luxembourg.

Always seduced, never disappointed, the customers are loyal and always come back to the showroom with a smile to get advices.

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