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A soul made of light, an elegant style made of noble materials, glass, metal, right choices coming from a passion and a history combining collaboration with great designers.

Hind Rabii Design Lighting

Hind Rabii is one of the most beautiful encounters Vanina Henry has had in her search for contemporary lighting.

Throughout the years, we have followed the evolution of her design in her collections.

Her success is international and her collections never stop surprising us.


HIND RABII, for more than 20 years, has been offering collections that all reflect a clearly established philosophy: to combine the pure lines of Scandinavian design with the creativity of its founder and designer, who uses and abuses the inspiration drawn from her country of origin among others.

The colours of the Mediterranean meet Nordic design to create collections of unparalleled elegance and refinement, with a fascinating touch of imagination.

Established in 1997, the company is named after its founder and current owner, who runs the business together with her husband, MICHEL ORBAN. The history of the company is closely linked to the life of HIND RABII, who infuses her creativity and inspiration into every project.

Born in 1973 in Morocco, she lived there until she moved to Belgium, where she studied industrial engineering. In addition to the technical skills she acquired during her engineering studies, HIND RABII has always cultivated a great passion for fashion and design, and has a keen eye for finding the most elegant fabrics and patterns.

This is why she started working in the field of architecture and design, and then quickly focused on lighting, which she conceives and proposes as a fully-fledged decorative element with essential technical qualities.

Over the years, she has created a company that offers top-of-the-range collections with clean, clear lines that reflect her desire to introduce elements as original details that characterise each model and make its style inimitable.

The main characteristic is the variety of materials and the elegance of the details.

The metal parts are worked with hand tools and have a perfect finish, whether in gold, chrome or copper.

The glass, a very important element in the collection, comes from Murano, where it has been blown for generations. Ceramics too, HIND RABII’s latest passion, comes from the VENICE area.

Thanks to a well thought-out distribution and sales strategy, the company has made a name for itself and its collections are presented in the best lighting and interior design showrooms in the world.


Hind Rabii




Let yourself be carried towards infinity…

INFINITY creates an object that has no limits, that can have no conclusion because it is endless.
INFINITY is definitely the contemporary and timeless tripod lamp, like an object of our life that does not need to be reinvented.

INFINTY has a base that is available in brushed matt gold or black brushed nickel.
The head, with a special diffuser, can illuminate the front as mood lighting.


INFINITY specs sheet

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The Half & Half suspension lamp explores the different ways in which we can perceive an object during the day and at night, especially a luminous object. The aim of this exploration is to bring the object to life and to play with the light, even when the lamp is not lit.

Just as day and night are two distinct entities, so is this pendant lamp. The base takes a fairly traditional approach, diffusing a soft light through its opal glass half-bulb. It is this part that comes to life when the need for light is greatest.

By contrast, the ceramic upper part, with its characteristic cross shape, expresses its full personality when brushed with daylight.




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Fantastic animals transformed into luminous objects created to stand under the sky.

Oasi consists of a stainless steel base, finished with fine powder for the exterior and mouth-blown glass in Italy.

A combination of colours, inspired by the earth, like this Ourika colour, the name of the red valley south of Marrakech.

It can be put down according to our desires, we love it!



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A combination of three shapes inspired by nature, the mountains and childhood: the bell, the spinning top and the cheese wheel.
The glass is enhanced by the use of metal sheets, all handmade.

These hangers are a delight for the eyes, thanks to their transparency, they can be placed in any of your rooms.



C1-GLASS-T & T1-GLASS-T white opal glass

T1 360 IN SITU

Achetez 3X3X3


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