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I highly recommend them as they make your life useful, a great encounter!

Pikka furniture and accessories

This Slovenia-based company designs and produces contemporary, useful and elegant objects.

They bring to our interiors an essential touch to our behaviour with beauty by using noble materials like walnut wood, brass, leather or marble.

Their small size does not take up any space and installation is quick and easy.


They swing, they float, they surprise, they are immediately adopted!




It fits everywhere to quickly put your everyday items.

Near an entrance door, for your keys or your sunglasses, in a bathroom, you will put your make-up or perfumes.

Its floating nature will seduce you and take you to an unexpected interior composition.

Hang it wherever you like, it has no limits.

By doubling it, let appear 2 different heights, why not near your bed to complete your night table.

Achetez Circulum Wave



Its pure form is adorned with marble or black leather.

Its light wood circle will blend in with any space.

It floats and accommodates your objects in all simplicity. There is no limit to its use.

Gospodar Ključev, Raketa

Achetez Circulum Ring Ceiling



More modern, it is made of plastic in a choice of black or white.

Ideal for bathrooms, near your bathtub, in your guest toilet to surprise in all modesty or let your imagination do the rest, you will place it to quickly put your objects.

All bases are available in 4 types of metal depending on the model: Chrome, Black, Brass or White

Achetez Circulum Bowl


For hanging up your wardrobe or towels in a natural way.

It is made of light oak or walnut.

We offer 2 models: 3 branches with 31 cm or 5 branches with 55 cm.

You will be seduced by its simplicity and the quality of its finish.

Achetez Metter

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