A tailor-made construction for you!

Building a house is a huge project, but have you thought of everything? Architects draw up plans, but you need to customise them to your needs. It’s best to get advice before you build.

All supervisory work will be carried out to plan.

We will discuss all the key points together but before we do this we need to check with the builder what changes will be possible.

For example, I sometimes suggest the application of our beautiful Farrow & Ball paints, however, you should be aware that this may represent additional costs over and above what is included in the building budget.

Are you willing to accept these for your custom home?


Moodboard lighting consultancy-Vanina Henry



What kind of lighting is essential in your living spaces, going in and out of a room, indirect lighting, different lighting in the same room?

This will make all the difference with a classic house. Add clever and intimate light points. Change the atmosphere according to the time, the evening and the room.

The electrical plan being one of the first steps in the construction, it is necessary to visualize all the scenarios of life.

This is the objective of working together beforehand to guarantee the best atmosphere and the most beautiful lighting.


Sketch of indirect lighting solutions

Subdued atmosphere for the evening-CVL

Project Interior design-Vanina Henry-indirect lighting


Which kitchen, which layout, what do you need in your kitchen? There are many questions to ask when designing your kitchen, and you need to make the right choice.

Working with kitchen designers, we help you to think about the best possible options determined by your needs and guide you in the choice of materials and colours that will fit in with the rest of your interior harmonies.

Project Interior design-Vanina Henry-lighting

Kitchen design and construction-Trier Germany-Vanina Henry



This means the use of the space as a whole in relation to your lifestyle.

Sometimes a wall can be removed or the space in a corridor can be changed to integrate a cupboard, how to organise a bathroom in the best possible way, how to create a dressing room, how to circulate in the house in the best possible way…?

All these points are essential and we study your needs together and propose them on the plans before building the house.

You can then propose them to your builder.

The principle is to verify that the construction will be made for you, a tailor-made interior design.


Interior design project sketch-Vanina Henry-Trier


It is about optimising the colour harmony of your interior and this is achieved through the choice of materials.

We help you choose all the important materials, such as the colour of the parquet, the choice of tiles, the wall covering and the colour of the walls.

This is a real interior design project that requires time and research.

Often builders impose particular products on you, we will choose with you what will be the best options.

We will also suggest our partners, the brands we work with, who offer quality choices and a more sought-after aesthetic.

Choice of materials at the showrrom

Material selection-interior design project-Vanina Henry

Study on plans -project-Vanina Henry



The rates are quantified according to the size of the projects.

The hourly rate for a project is €70.00 per hour.

For large developments, we often offer packages detailing each step and we consider together what price will suit you best.

Vanina Henry has many years of experience, and together you will create a turnkey design made for you.

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