After the planning phase of the interior design project and acceptance by the client, comes the construction phase, its organisation and realisation.

Vanina and Maria her interior design assistant

It is a much less glamorous moment than the first one, a world of destruction and reconstruction that unites a whole team of craftsmen.

Before the work begins, the estimates have been drawn up and accepted by the client.

Relationships with the craftsmen are essential for the smooth running of the project and Vanina Henry works with different but usual teams depending on the project, the budget and the geographical location (Luxembourg, Germany, France).


Here are the different steps:

  • Ordering materials 
  • Organisation of site planning
  • Reception of goods
  • Regular site visits 
  • Controlling the execution of the project and the quality of the work
  • Final rendering of the site



Trusting your interior designer during this phase is important because it can often frighten clients who are not used to it.

At the end of the day, satisfaction is present for everyone involved in the project and the client.


Team in action

Happy client


The costs of site supervision vary from site to site and are often a flat fee. If the estimate was insufficient, an additional charge will be applied.