CIRCULUM WAVE is made of solid walnut.

Diameter: 305 mm.
Height: 750mm


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The circulum, like life itself, takes us in curious circles as we go about our day, our routines and our desires – and everything in between. These are the essential things we remember, which are the most important – and those we also tend to misplace. That’s why we include objects that impose a certain order on the essentials. Keys, wallets, glasses are typical, but it’s up to you. The essential for one man is frivolity for another woman.

There are no questions, no oversights, no excuses. Just sublime clarity.

Pure function, dressed to thrill. The attention to the wonderful materiality of the 3 lines and the myriad of finish combinations makes it part of your wardrobe, your decor, your sense and sensibility. The same common underlying theme and tasteful, functional elegance leaves it completely open to customisation.

Do not use as directed – use as desired.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 5 cm



METAL COMPONENTS: GC black plate, polished stainless steel tube, METAL COMPONENTS: GP light gray plate, polished stainless steel tube

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Delivery time: about 2 week if in stock.


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