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Bios Hide set


The Bios Hide set includes :

  • Bios Hide in black, 185x191x105cm, 30kg.
  • Stand L in black, H:240 Base: 150×180 cm, 75kg
  • Luxury cushion, 200x135x20cm, 16kg.
  • Large set of cushions (2x 50x50cm) (1x 70x70cm).
  • Bios Hide cover


Each piece of furniture is handmade. Therefore, the dimensions, weight, colour, structure and pattern of each piece of furniture may vary.

Bios Hide can be sold individually, if you only need one item from this set, please contact us.


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Hanging lounge chair

  • Made of lava (volcanic basalt)
  • Load capacity: 320 kg.
  • UV, salt and chlorine resistant.
  • Absorbs heat and sound.
  • Lightweight.

UseThe handmade BiosHide is suitable for 2 or 3 people. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.The furniture can be suspended from a Nordic L Inconnu stand, pergola, beam, tree or similar that can support 250 kg. The furniture must not be used as a toy or swing.The Bios Hide should preferably be suspended with a specially designed Dyna rope in a Nordic L Unknown stand. The rope does not give way and thus keeps the lounger at a good distance above the ground. You can also use a natural rope. Tie the knot so that the furniture hangs at least 30 cm above the base of the stand. 30 cm above the base of the stand or the floor.PropertiesBios Hide weighs approximately 30 kg. and the payload is 250 kg. Basalt is said to be 3 times stronger than steel. The furniture is UV, salt and chlorine resistant and therefore suitable for aggressive environments such as spas and swimming pools.The furniture encapsulates heat, which is why – despite its black colour – it does not become too hot in the sun.Absorbs sound. A test shows a reduction of 4.4 decibels.MaterialThe furniture is made of volcanic basalt and resin.The surface is treated with Bullet-Liner; a polyester rubber.MaintenanceThe Bios Hide is maintenance-free. It can be cleaned with a long bristle brush and water or with a high pressure cleaner.The Bios Hide can be left outside all year round without a cover as protection.MeasurementsH:185 W:191 D:105 cmColourBlackWarranty2 yearsAccessoriesSupport LLuxury CushionDyna RopeBios Hide cover Fabric data sheet Panama Agora

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Unknown Nordic

Fabric colour

Beige-café, Cloud, Lapis, Oliva, Onyx


volcanic basalt / + polyurethanes

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