In a world where production and consumption have become excessive, we are waking up to all the harmful impacts on our planet.

Climate change is palpable, just look at the disastrous summer of 2021 that we had. Floods, fires, hurricanes…with the consequences of death and destruction that cost and annihilate entire families.



Against this we can start to change our consumption habits by asking ourselves the right questions, how to consume, what and how to buy for our home?

That’s why some furniture manufacturers are standing out and making efforts to produce sustainable and very design furniture. They use recycled materials and make furniture that is made to last, thus avoiding over-consumption.

I am absolutely won over by these pieces designed with the right materials such as STEEL which is now the most recycled material in the world.

RECYCLED PLASTIC is also used today to make table tops, shelves, chair backs… and their colours are amazing.


TIPTOE produces furniture-Recycled plastic-Steel

Bench Duke-Tiptoe-Steel and aok

Desk New Modern-Tiptoe-Recycled pastic top & Stool LOU


NOMA produces furniture only from recycled materials, indicating the % of these materials each time.

Choosing a NOMA piece of furniture means choosing a circular economy, the choice of a design furniture while protecting our environment.

Chair SEN Plastic 93,7%

Armchair ART 77,5%


NATURAL FIBRES  for weaving are also to be favoured, we find them with the linens, the jutes, the straws with which we make pretty rugs or cushions.


Cushions ELITIS

So take a good look at what you consume, where the product was made and with what materials…?


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