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Kosa silk exists in 25 references:

The roll is 0.7 metres wide and 10 metres long.

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Roll: 1m by 10m.

Composition: Vinyl on paper backing.

Splice: 83cm free or straight splice.

Cleaning: Washable.

Fire resistance: Permanently flame retardant.

Excellent light fastness.

Installation instructions – heavy vinyl on paper

Reference sheet – VP 928 01

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VP 928 01, VP 928 02, VP 928 10, VP 928 11, VP 928 12, VP 928 20, VP 928 21, VP 928 22, VP 928 30, VP 928 31, VP 928 40, VP 928 41, VP 928 42, VP 928 50, VP 928 51, VP 928 52, VP 928 53, VP 928 60, VP 928 61, VP 928 62, VP 928 70, VP 928 72, VP 928 80, VP 928 81, VP 928 82

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An environmentally friendly solution!

Let’s act for:

  • Less impactful logistics
  • Less cardboard
  • Less transport and therefore less CO2
  • Less delivery costs
  • Reduction of all costs in general

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